Commercial & Industrial Hygine Coatings

At Allisons Painters and Decorators Ltd maintaining high levels of hygiene is of paramount importance and the paint finishes must be able to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes. Acrylic matt emulsion is the most commonly used paint in high traffic areas and wards as it is ‘low odour’, washable and easy to wipe clean. In addition, specialist hygienic coatings are regularly applied by our teams that are highly elastomeric and contain ingredients that prevent the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi on their surface.

Hygiene coatings provide a seamless finish that other alternatives such as vinyl just cannot match. Products such as wallglaze and Sterisheen have been successfully applied to hospital wards and theatres as well as other clean environments such as school and office catering areas. Due to the hardwearing nature of these products they can be used in other areas of a building, where regular contact with water is required, as an alternative to tiles or vinyl, such as shower areas in prisons.

Services Include

Floor coatings available for commercial and industrial

Hygiene coatings for hospitals, surgeries, clinics and vets

Protective coatings for machinery and commercial buildings

Wall coverings for commercial and industrial

Specialists finishes for commercial and industrial

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